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Selective high schools provide a challenging curriculum for students with high academic ability.

The aim of Selective High Schools is to provide a scholastically challenging environment for more academically able students. The usual range of subjects is taught at these schools,but they are geared to the needs of gifted and talented students. Students gain places at Selective Schools by competing academically with other prospective students.

Placement at a Selective School means that your child will be in an environment where work is at a more advanced level and is taken seriously by most of their peers. Many parents feel that their children stand a better chance academically than students in other schools, and their children are better positioned for future success. Students often form bonds with other academically advanced students in their school as well as may network with others that have been through the same program later in life.

In 2008, more than 13,300 students in Year 6 sat the selective entry test, a four per cent increase on last year. But of these hopefuls, only 3522 student would receive offers for Year 7 at a selective high school in 2009.

There are 30 selective high schools including 17 fully selective schools, 4 selective agricultural high schools and 9 high schools with selective classes in NSW. There is also a senior high school with selective classes offering entry to Year 11. Entry to these schools is competitive.

Mr Nathan Rees on Nsw Selective Schools:
NSW Selective High Schools Government Announcement.pdf

The selection process involves consideration of academic performance and ability. A student's academic merit is determined by their primary school assessments in English and Mathematics and their results gained in the Selective High Schools Test in:

English Language
General Ability
Written expression

How to Apply For the Selective High School Entry Test in Year 6

Applications need to be lodged at the end of the year when students are in Year 5,the test is administered while students are in Year 6 and enter Year 7 in the following year. The closing date for parents to return application forms to the student's current primary school principal is mid-November. The Selective High School Placement Test for entry to Year 7 is held in March.

Information and the application packages are available at

2009 Selective School Information package
Information Package 2009

How to Apply for Years 8 to 11 entry
There is provision for some enrolments into Years 8 to 12 in selective high schools depending upon availability of places. Application forms for Years 8 to 12 entry to selective high schools are available from schools in late June.
Contact the selective high school to which you intend to apply for information about assessment requirements.

Information and the Years 8 to 12 application package is available at

Link: Selective high schools

Sample test and past test papers
These publications assist applicants for Year 7 entry to selective high schools to become more familiar with the Selective High School Placement Test. Items that assess reading may be available after copyright permission to publish them is obtained.

In the actual Selective High School Placement Test there are 45 questions in reading, 40 in mathematics and 60 in general ability.

The Selective High School Placement Test measures ability and is set to discriminate at a very high level. It is very rare for even the highest scoring candidates to score full marks on all components of the Selective High School Placement Test.

Selective high school entry does not depend entirely on a student’s performance in the Selective High School Placement Test as school assessment scores in English and mathematics are provided by the primary schools.

Sample Test Paper with answers.

To obtain information on your childs Profile Score, click HERE
to download the Request For Scores form.

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