Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2009 TOP 100 HSC SCHOOLS in NSW courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

2009 Top 100 Schools in NSW.pdf

Schools in The Daily Telegraphs top 200 list have been ranked by the percentage of Exams Sat that are Distinguished Achievers (DA).

Exams Sat means the number of exams sat by the students from that school. One student may sit for several exams.

DA is the number of mentions on the Distinguished Achievers List.

Schools are ranked in order.

2008 HSC TOP 200 SCHOOLS - courtesy of The Daily Telegraph
NSW Parents Clamour to Enrol their Children in Successful High Schools.pdf

**Print versions below:

2008: Top 200 Leading HSC Schools in NSW
HSC 2008 -Top 200 Schools in NSW.pdf

2008: Top 200 HSC Schools in NSW by Region - Albury to Inner West
Top 200 HSC Schools in Region 2008.pdf

2008: Top Schools in NSW by Region - Lake Macquarie to Wollongong
Top Schools in Region - Lake Macquarie to Wollongong.pdf

Catholic schools match best overall results in 2008

Australian University Rankings for 2008, 2007, 2006

Our 2009 National Education Newsletter will be available soon , which also includes further educational information for the wider community on education in Australia.



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