Wednesday, January 23, 2008


NEDA Internet and Television Advertising Campaigns.

The National Education Directory of Australia (NEDA) in partnership with Mediawiz Advertising and Productions is now able to offer our valued clients the combined promotional power of the internet and broadcast television mediums.

One of the unique features of the NEDA internet and television campaigns will be that every one of our clients that participates will have the opportunity to individually promote their school or training facility.

The television commercial will highlight your educational institution and encourage the viewer to find out further information through the NEDA website directory. Another feature is that the television campaign modules can be placed at any time during the July to December period in 2008.

Our clients that take up the internet and television campaign will also receive priority positioning on the NEDA website.

The internet and television modules includes the 12 month Exclusive subscription package provided by NEDA Or Upgrading to the Exclusive package if already an existing client.

The Television Coverage areas available through the NEDA internet and television packages are:

National coverage- your television commercial will be seen across Australias Metropolitan and Regional markets.

Metropolitan only coverage- Your television commercial can be seen in either or all of Australias five mainland capital cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

Regional only coverage- Your television commercial can be seen by the six million viewers who live in our nations provincial and rural centres.

View a sample TV advert

Contact Details

Your Mediawiz contact is : Mr Ilan Gilead, Director

Mob: 0410 320004

Please do not hesitate to call Ilan should you have any enquiries about promoting your education facility on TV.


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