Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The National Education Directory of Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to show our clients and prospective clients how we compare against our competition. As most of you are aware new sites are appearing every year, due to the fact that databases can now be bought and loaded onto any site, and it now seems to be a very inexpensive and an easy excercise to try to replicate existing businesses in an already overcrowded market place.

Please do your homework before spending your advertising dollar, ask the relevant questions, How long has the site been going?, How can we find your site in the search engines?, What is your reach? and Have we advertised with you before?.

Please see below a graph that shows exactly how we fair against some of our competitors, and as you can see we are leaps and bounds ahead of any site currently available.

SN: Our stats are in blue on the top.

We are the leaders and innovators
Dealing with the field of education we have more results for our education clients than any other generic or education related directory in the market place today. The results speak for themselves.

We are in the market place to provide the best results for your education facility now, not years downthe track.

The investment you make now is the investment you make for the future.
We are established and with a proven track record

The graph above is a guide only though true and factual, and is not meant in any way to defame or degrade our competitors. It is being used strictly as a comparison tool. This graph can be reconstructed at any time in the public domain at

The National Education Directory of Australia Pty Ltd is not in any way affiliated with any site mentioned above.


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