Monday, July 23, 2007


The National Education Directory of Australia Pty Ltd is very proud to welcome The NSW Police Force to the front page of

A Career That Counts
The NSW Police Force is welcoming applications from people from all sectors of the community who have a variety of skills, work experience, trade and tertiary qualifications, language skills and cultural understanding. We want people who are seeking employment in a career that counts.

As a NSW Police Officer you will initially be required to perform general duties for the first three years of employment. Policing can be an exhilarating career experience and police officers will experience fluctuating levels of excitement, depending on the duties they are performing at the time.

After three years of general duties policing you may have the opportunity to specialise in various areas such as forensics, criminal investigation, highway patrol, dog unit, mounted police - just to name a few. There are over one hundred career paths to choose from so the possibilities are endless.

Their featured education promotion link with the education portal is:

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The relationship we have established with the NSW Police Force establishes as not only the largest education portal in Australia but also one of the most trusted and respected.

Peter Price
Managing Director


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