Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Have you received any emails from any of the flood of new directories that seem to appear at this time nearly every year. If you have, and it was unsolicitored, it is illegal. These emails are annoying and should be reported.

There are currently emails getting around from these fly by night second rate directories asking for as little as $50, these directories are usually not reputable and have no history, its as simple as buying a data base and publishing it on the net. Don't be fooled by these offers, it is still $50 of your budget you have spent, with absoluty no results.

The National Education Directory of Australia Pty Ltd has recently been advised by ACMA that they are looking into one particular new schools directory based in Melbourne that is operating outside the guidelines.

To report unsolicitored commercial emails (spam) please report them to
www.acma.gov.au or download the Spam Matters button on their site, and add it to your inbox.


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