Monday, August 28, 2006


A few tips for all Schools and Colleges etc who get contacted by a myriad of companies wanting them to advertise in their so called directories:

1. Check to see that they have a contact phone number and email address.

2. Check their Google page rank. The page rank tool can be found on the Google Toolbar, if the rank is zero, that is a sure indication that the site has not been around for very long.

3. Always check their listing in the Whitepages, no listing usually means a scam operator

4. Check their Search Engine results, if they are not found in the major Search Engines, ie Google, MSN or Yahoo, be very careful again this usually means its a new site.

5. Never give Credit Card details unless you have seen the finished product, and have recieved an invoice for services supplied, that can be checked and verified.

There are many people who run their businesses on deception, not on product or reputation, if you feel you have been contacted by someone who fits the above criteria, please contact the Dept of Fair Trading in your state. It will benefit us all to eradicate these people from our industry.

Just recently(29/6/06) the director of SCHOOLSEEK.COM.AU PTY LTD, Mr Craig West, was banned from being the director of a company for 4 years by ASIC, due to failed companies owing in excess of 3 million dollars. ASIC made these comments;

In determining an appropriate banning period for Mr West, ASIC expressed concern over his apparent lack of commercial morality and appreciation for the considerable duties and obligations of a company director.

See full article here:

Remember freedom to advertise with whomever you want is your perogative, but choose carefully, pick a trusted supplier and get the results you are paying for. By not following our tips above, can, in more cases than not, lead to a waste of your precious yearly budget.

IF you have any doubts about any opertator, please call the following Fair Trading Departments for your State.

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