Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Dear Customers

Important Tip: You have to be very careful who you choose to advertise with. The National Education Directory of Australia Pty Ltd offers 12 Months subscription, NOT, 6 Months, as some fly by night web publications tend to offer, to catch the unwary.

One of the reasons why, whenever you pick up the phone these days, it is usually someone trying to sell you advertising, and as we all know, 6 months turns around very quickly.

Just remember www.education.net.au is all about 'education' and not a second rate business directory. If you choose to Advertise with NEDA you can be assured we are, here, working for 'you'.

NEDA offers:
12 months subscription
Your own username and password**** edit your listing whenever you like!*****
Send an Enquiry button, see the results, it really works.
Great results in Google and MSN for your listing alone.

Peter Price


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